Hauling Services

When you’re working on a property or yard cleanup, it can become a hassle and inefficient to go back and forth transporting your unwanted junk. Fortunately, with the assistance of Miles Major Movers’s hauling services we can haul any material you need with fewer trips to take!

Whether you need a mass amount of leaves or need furniture transported, you can count on our trash removal assistance to get the job done. With our reliable and certified staff, we will be able to transport any materials you need off your property. With our home and apartment cleanouts, we get your junk out safely and quickly.

Junk Removal Services

If you have some old furniture you wish to dispose of, our junk removal service can take care of anything from furniture removal to construction cleanup. We show up on time, every time to haul away your unwanted items big and small.

From an environmental standpoint, it is good to have someone who knows what can be salvaged and what absolutely needs to go to the landfill. Having a bunch of junk lying around can be an eyesore and a safety hazard. Failure to get garbage hauled away can cause problems like bacteria and mold growth. Unwanted junk can also catch fire or cause someone to injure themselves. That is why you should contact Miles Major Movers for trash removal.

Yard Cleanup Services

If you are having some trouble handling the mess that has accumulated in your yard over the seasons, it’s about time to take care of the problem head on with our yard cleanup services. When junk and leaves start to clutter your yard, you’ll want to get our junk removal assistance right away. From handling simple leaf removal to large scale furniture removal, we can help you today!

Miles Major Movers can take care of this work for you. We offer full property cleanouts and other cleaning services. You might not notice the way junk accumulates, but we will be there to help clean up your yard when you decide that it has to go! We are a family oriented business that is committed to getting your property cleaned up right away!